Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Leak Roundup: Weapons, Maps, Camos, Scorestreaks & More

Feast your eyes on this enormous Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer info leak! We’ve got weapons, maps, scorestreaks, camos, emotes and more, all mined from the PC beta files!

Before we dive in, I’ll just quickly say that Sledgehammer Games has commented on these leaks and warned that the information could be “inaccurate” and/or “subject to change.” So take everything here with a pinch of salt, and don’t be too surprised if things differ at launch.


First up are the weapons. In the Assault category there is: the M1941, M1 Garand, STG44, M1A1 Carbine, FG42, and BAR.

SMGs are comprised of the PPSh-41, Type 100, MP28, Grease Gun, Thompson, and the MP40.

There are four LMGs: the Lewis, MG15, Bren, and the MG42.

The six snipers to shoot virtual soldiers with are: the Lee Enfield, Karabin, M1903 Springfield, Commonwealth, Kar98K, and the SVT40.

For shotguns we have: the Walther Toggle Action, Winchester 1897, M30 Luftwaffe Drilling, and the Winchester Model 21.

Then there’s the pistols: the P-08 Luger, M1911, Machine Pistol, and the M712.

And finally the launchers: M1 Bazooka and the Panzerschreck.

The only melee weapon found in the beta files is the shovel, though more are expected to be added later.

Maps & Operations

Moving now to the maps, of which there are thirteen: Aachen, U-Turn, Pointe Du Hoc, Flak Tower, Ardennes Forest, Gibraltar, Wolf’s Lair, Sainte Marie Du Mont, Gustav Cannon, Carentan, U.S.S Texas, London Docks, and Paris.

Additionally, there are the War mode Operations, with each presenting players with a unique scenario and objectives. Operations Aachen, Griffin, Breakout, and Neptune have all been leaked.


As for the scorestreaks that players will be earning by playing the objective and getting kills, there are 18 in total. It isn’t clear in what order these streaks will be earned, as they are listed alphabetically based on filename.

Advanced Recon Aircraft, Carpet Bombing, Care Package, Counter Recon Aircraft, Attack Dogs, Emergency Airdrop, Fighter Pilot, Fire Bombing Run, Flak Guns, Flamethrower, Glide Bomb, Artillery Barrage, Molotov Cocktails, Mortar Strike, Paratroopers, Ball Turret Gunner, Recon Aircraft, and the V2 Rocket are the leaked scorestreaks.


While in the beta there were five Divisions, each capped at level 4, the PC files have revealed that the max rank will in fact be level 8, and each Division will have four Prestiges: Enlisted, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster.

What’s more, a sixth Division is expected to be included in the game at launch. It will be called Cavalry. Make of that what you will!


There was a distinct lack of customization options available in the beta, and it did make me wonder what Sledgehammer Games had planned for camos in CoD: WWII.

Well, with the help of the PC files, we now know what to expect. These are all of the camos referenced in the beta build, in no particular order.

There’s Green Spots, Brown Spots, Heeres, Leibermuster, Pea Pattern, Oak Leaf, Palm Tree, Plane Tree, Snow, Skulls Flat, Fire Skulls, Leopard, Leopard 02, Gold, Gold Leopard, Gold Leopard 02, Diamond, Diamond Weave, Chrome, Chrome Tiger, Copper, Copper Giraffe, Bronze, Rattlesnake, Sweetheart, Nazi Zombies Pack-a-Punch, Nazi Zombies Pre-Order Bonus, and Nazi Zombies Bloodraven.

Also listed are Camo_Loot_01, 02, 03, 04, and 05. These are placeholders for camos that will presumably be found in Supply Drops.


We were given a little preview of post-match emotes in the beta, but only four different gestures were available. The PC beta files uncover a hell of a lot more.

There’s the 1897 powder, 1911 hotdog, amazing, bellyup, cheer onehand b, cheer yeah, donefor, easeup, eye contact, facepalm, fantastic, gobble, goodjob, grandstand, gravy, high five, holymack, hubba, jerries, jumpingjacks, k98 cheer, karabin noway, lee cheer, lewis defeat, leger no, m1a1 paygrade, m21 hangitup, m30 whatup, m712 thanks, meow, mg42 farm, mp28 bupkis, mp40 overhere, navy onehand cheer, nono, panzer hotdamn, rps paper, rps rock, rps scissors, salute, sapper bringiton, shovel chop, sittin, slittthroat, slow clap, stg44 cooking, svt dang, t100 gg, thomp hi, thumbsup, togl gander, wave, whatsbuzzin, woohoo, and yawn.

That’s a lot of emotes, with many including weapons.


Boasting an area that’s accessible to up to 48 players, Headquarters is the place to go when you want to mingle with other players and try your hand at some friendly shoot-outs at the firing range on in the 1v1 pits.

The PC beta files have offered some more details on what to expect in the full build.

First we have “Loot Rarities,” comprising of Common, Rare, Legendary, Heroic and Epic. These may be rewards for completing activities, or maybe you open Supply Drops here.

We then have a list of filenames which are a little cryptic: annual_anniversary_login, enter_hub_day_1_in_a_row – enter_hub_day_5_in_a_row, hq_tutorial_complete, hq_onboard_orders_complete, hq_onboard_commend_complete, daily_ch_receive_commend, ui_hub_in_boxing, HUB_BOXING_MATCH, division_prestiged, hit_social_rank_20, picked_up_payroll, and picked_up_orders.

Some additional names pop up, including Quartermaster, Requisitions, Prestige, Zombies, Raids, Gunsmith, and Mail. There’s also evidence of daily challenges, as well as a Theater area.

Theatre Mode

It is thought that this Theatre will be a place where players can watch MLG streams. However, some filenames detail the ability to “Toggle to record private games for the Theater,” as well as “Watching a replay in Theatre mode.” There’s also the message, “Your clip has been successfully uploaded! Visit to watch your clip and view others from the Call of Duty community.”

So, despite Sledgehammer Games stating that there would be no recording of clips in-game and no Theatre mode, it looks like it may be a thing after all.