Idiot Flops Onto Police Car And Immediately Gets Arrested

Screenshot: Instagram/5th Year

There are so many things in this world that you can accurately predict will happen without actually going though with doing them.

For example, you don’t need to actually stick your penis in a toaster that is in the “on” position to know that it’s not a good idea because you’ll need to be rushed to the hospital with a severely burned pecker and ego upon doing so. You also don’t need to actually stick your arm into an alligator’s mouth to know that it’s a terrible idea because common sense will tell you that you’ll no longer be able to fold laundry after doing such a ridiculous thing.

And for the love of Christ, you don’t actually need to flop onto the back of an occupied police car at a Temple football tailgate party to know that the officer inside is going to be beyond pissed and throw you in the backseat just a few seconds later. Unfortunately for this idiot, he found that out the hard way Saturday afternoon.

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The craziest part? You guessed it – the dude showed up two hours later and was still looking to party:

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