This Is What Happens When Idiots Try To Load A Car Onto A Pickup Truck

Screenshot: YouTube

Now I’m not saying that I’m the smartest guy around, I’m not even saying I’m a stable genius. What I am saying is that I have common sense — which is something that I hope most of you reading this have. But you know who doesn’t have common sense? The guys in the video below.

You see, it seems like the idiots in the video tried to get a car onto the back of a pickup truck via a ramp they built. Here’s how the incident is described on YouTube by the folks who caught it on camera.

“I saw my cousin, my partner, and a friend trying to make a ramp from scaffolding bars to get a car onto the pickup. I knew it wasn’t going to work. The ending result was priceless.”

Now check out the video below.

Ah yes, everyone laugh at what was clearly an extremely dumb decision — a decision that not only didn’t work, but also led to their car being damaged. And no, this did not happen in Florida or Alabama, this actually occurred in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Well, I guess not all folks there are bright.

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