Close up of displeased young man screaming and looking at the camera.

Pretty Sure Calling A Cop A ‘Fat Ass’ And A ‘Bi***’ While Getting Arrested Is A Terrible Idea

Photo: BraunS (Getty)

We’re not sure even this guy’s daddy will be able to help him after the judge sees this video.

Some pile of shit at Clemson being held to the ground by police thought the best way to get the officers to ease up and perhaps let him go free was to verbally assault them with obscenities, dares and threats that his father was going to make mince stew out of them since he’s a federal attorney.

I’m assuming that that approach didn’t do him any favors, but let’s take a peek at the video, thanks to Barstool, just to make sure. And just a heads up, there’s some salty language.

Yeah, he’s dicked, and I’m pretty sure no cop in uniform is overly concerned with the fact that he suddenly “can’t breathe.”

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Look, kids. The majority of police officers in this country are good people. They really are looking to protect and serve the community. Now we’re not sure what this clown did to experience the wrath of several cops, but if you ever find yourself in his position, even if they have the wrong guy, do pretty much the exact opposite of whatever that was, and you’ll probably be OK.