New York Woman Finds 35,000 Bees Living Above Her Apartment

Screenshot: via Daily Mail

Here’s a story that is truly un-bee-lievable. Yup, we went there.

According to the Daily Mail, a woman who saw honey dripping down the bedroom walls of her New York apartment was “stunned” to discover it was the result of…wait for it…35,000 bees living in her ceiling.

Screenshot: via Daily Mail

Screenshot: via Daily Mail

Cherisse Mulzac said she didn’t think much of it when she first noticed a few bees in her apartment last year, but when honey started bleeding out of her walls, she made the wise choice of calling a beekeeper. That beekeeper was Mickey Hegedus, and he got things started by cutting a four-foot hole in Mulzac’s ceiling.

Finding 35,000 bees in Mulzac’s ceiling was one thing, but Hegedus said he also found somewhere between 60 to 70 pounds of honey, most of which was kept by Mulzac. He then used a special low-pressure vacuum to suck out the bees into a box, collected about 20 pounds of honey for them and then relocated them to his garden in the backyard of his Brooklyn home.

In a related story, being Mickey’s neighbor in Brooklyn must suck balls. Well, unless he gives you free honey from time to time.

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