Woman Discovers 120,000 Bees, 6-Foot Hive In Her Ceiling

Should have gotten that flamethrower off Amazon.

If you thought watching a few hundred honey bees sting a fishing spider to death was horrific, it’s nothing compared to the horror movie that a woman discovered in her ceiling.

After constantly hearing buzzing coming from the side of her house, Georgia woman Lisa Ohrmundt decided to call her beekeeper friend to handle what she had hope was just a tiny bee issue. Well, it wasn’t so tiny. When Georgia Bee Removal employee Bobby Chaisson arrived he used a Bee Box and created an opening in Ohrmundt’s ceiling. Well, the Bee Box didn’t help much, so Chaisson used a specialized heat sensing camera.

And well, take a look at what he found.

Holy hell. That’s 120,000 bees, and a six-foot hive with about 60 pounds of honey.

“Did the first hole in the ceiling and it was a little bigger and a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger and it ended up being about 6 feet long,” the beekeepr told Fox 5. “Definitely this year it ranks up there in the top two that we have done.”

It took Chaisson about six hours to vacuum all the bees into canisters, which he will then use to relocate the bees. And that’s even after he was stung about 10 to 15 times while doing this task. Beekeeping is a tough job.

Chasisson believes that the bees had been living in Ohrmundt’s ceiling for about two years and her neighbors said the previous owner of the home also had a large beehive removed.

So now you know: thousands of bees may be living in your home. Goodnight.

h/t UPI

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