Indiana Neighbors In Feud Since 2009 Trade Gun Fire On Video

Screenshot: YouTube

Whatever happened to putting dog poop in a bag, putting a match to it and leaving it on your neighbor’s front door?

An Indianapolis firefighter named Dean Keller will not be charged after security video shows him shoot his neighbor Jeffrey S. Weigle in self-defense after a long feud between the two men that started way back in 2009. The security video below shows the 59-year-old Weigle on a lawnmower pulling out a gun first before the 49-year-old Keller shoots him multiple times in the chest. Weigle apparently insulted Keller and his wife before attempting to shoot Keller.

Take a look at the crazy video below.

Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper had this to say:

“The decision to not file charges on Keller was a simple application of Indiana law and should not be looked upon as condoning the behavior of either party. Given the aggression shown by Weigle, it was reasonable for Keller to believe deadly force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to himself (and) his wife,” 

While Keller was not injured, Weigle is in the hospital in critical condition with chest wounds after he was shot four times. This feud finally came to a halt after years of back and forth.

Screenshot: YouTube

Via NY Daily News

This isn’t the first time the two neighbors have clashed. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office reports more than a dozen disputes between the men dating back to 2009. They’ve argued over the location of a fence, Keller’s dogs and Weigle’s motorcycle.

According to  Nancy Phillips (Weigle’s landlord), the altercations began when Weigle suffered from an injury at work that resulted in the loss of function in one of his arms.

“He had a prosthetic put in his left arm and therefore he couldn’t use it,” Phillips said. “Dean came over when Jeff still had it in a sling and said, ‘What’s the matter with you?’ and Jeff told him and ever since Dean has been a pain in the hiney,” Phillips said.

So Keller isn’t innocent either, as according to Phillips he has threatened to kill Weigle before. But since the proof is in the video, Weigle might face charges if and when he recovers from the shooting.

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