Washington Man’s ‘A HOLE’ Message Pointed Toward Neighbor Can Be Seen On Google Earth

Photo: EzumeImages (Getty)

Here’s one way to get your point across to others.

According to UPI, a Washington man went out of his way to carve a message in his yard that is directed toward his asshole neighbor.

Just how do we know for sure that this guy thinks his neighbor is an asshole? You guessed it: The message carved into his Sequim property literally reads “A HOLE,” and there’s even an arrow that points directly at the house where said asshole presumably resides.

Photo: Google Earth

The best part about the giant message is that you don’t have to pay a pilot a few hundred bucks to take you up in the air to see it. No sir. All you have to do is jump on Google Earth, search for Sequim, Washington and then do a little bit of searching before you stumble on the giant message.

And if you’re wondering why this guy thinks his neighbor is an asshole, we know that as well. It apparently stems back to that neighbor’s paint job on his house in 2009 that was so hideous that nearby residents dubbed it “the purple people eater.” A few years later in 2011, one of his neighbors finally had enough of it and carved the “A HOLE” message into his land.


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