Man Dragging Dead Raccoon For Crab Bait Shot After Somebody Thought It Was A Dead Dog

Screenshot: YouTube

Are we living during some great times or what?

According to KOMO News, a shirtless Washington man who found a dead raccoon alongside Highway 3 in Allyn last weekend was shot after several vehicles full of morons thought he was dragging a dead dog behind him instead of said raccoon.

Police said the man was dragging the raccoon about 15 feet behind him Sunday afternoon because the stank coming out of its corpse was unbearable. Just why was he dragging a dead raccoon in the first place? You guessed it: He was going to use it “as bait for some type of crab pot.”

That didn’t sit too well with several passersby, who decided to angrily confront the man because they assumed he was pulling a dead dog behind him. Even after some choice words, some of which were no doubt of the “this ain’t no dog, I say it’s a raccoon” variety, one of the passersby decided to shoot the poor fucker in his leg. Twice.

Police are still looking for the dick suspected of shooting the guy pulling the dead raccoon. He was driving an older black Ford F-150 pickup truck with a canopy and had a white dog inside the pickup during the shooting.

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