United Airlines Flight Almost Takes Off With Fuel Gushing Out Of The Wing

Another day, another airline foul-up.

United Airlines is out here trying to ruin everybody’s day. First they beat some dude up when he wouldn’t leave the seat he paid for. Then they somehow killed one of the world’s biggest rabbits. Now they’re seemingly allowing jet fuel to gush out of their planes as they’re trying to take off.

Fuel Gushes From United Airlines Wing Before Takeoff

A United flight was about to depart from Newark Airport to fly across the world to Italy when passengers noticed something really bad going on. Apparently, someone forgot to put the gas cap on after fueling up — I hate it when I do that.

Passengers had to convince the crew that something was pouring out of the wing, just as it was taxiing onto the runway. Since they didn’t want to die in a flying fireball of chaos, a passenger ran to the crew to tell them something was wrong. And what did he get for his heroism? He got yelled at and told to sit down, that’s what.

They said, “Everything’s normal,’” according to passenger Rachel Brumfield, whose husband Mike alerted the crew of the issues with the wing.

Once the crew looked out the window themselves, they realized that if the plane had taken off, they would all have a really bad day. After realizing they screwed up, they had the audacity to ask Rachel and Mike to go easy on the airline on social media, which only makes me want to retweet this article every day for a month.

Rachael and Mike ended up taking a completely different airline to Italy, and now they learned their lesson when buying tickets.

“I will never fly United again,” Rachel said. “Every person there was awful.”

Good luck on social media, United. You’re going to need it.

h/t New York Post

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