Guy Proposes To Girlfriend On Hot Air Balloon And Then Braces For Impact During Crash Landing

Photo: YouTube

We’re sure in some places this is considered good luck, but we’re just not exactly sure where that is.

According to Mashable, Christine Peters said she had always wanted to take a flight on a hot air balloon, so her boyfriend decided to take her on one in Alberta last week. And Martin is apparently quite a gentleman because he also decided to bring a ring along for the ride and propose to her once they were in the air.

Naturally, Peters said yes. After all, he is obviously a good listener and quite the romantic fellow. Peters said the trip was “amazing,” complete with everything that you would want to see and beautiful weather. Oh, and a crash landing.

“Well, we’re down!”


Thankfully, nobody was injured as the wind picked up and threw them and the basket into several trees and then dragged them along the ground in a farmer’s field for some 200 feet.

Peters and Martin are actually in good spirits about it, laughing it off and calling it one of their “adventures.” Personally, I think that’s the right call, as it obviously could have been worse. After all, she could have said no.

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