Watch The First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’

The symphony of the night will play again! Konami’s classic video game series, Castlevania, is getting animated in a new original series from Netflix. And it may be coming much sooner than expected. was the first to report that Netflix’s Latin America twitter account has posted the first trail for the Castlevania animated series from producer Adi Shankar. It’s difficult to get a read on the show with less than a minute of footage, but it looks encouraging so far. And it appears to keep the Belmont tradition alive of sending in a whip-wielding monster hunter to kill Dracula himself. Good luck with that, he never stays dead long.

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Although Netflix’s American twitter account has yet to release this trailer, there is a release date on the trailer itself. It appears that Castlevania will drop on Friday, July 7. Since Netflix tends to debut shows day and date around the world, it seems likely to stick with that premiere.

The Castlevania animated series was scripted by Warren Ellis, a popular comic writer and novelist. Because the series is on Netflix, Ellis will probably have greater leeway with the content of the series. Ellis was also previously attached to write a movie adaptation of this video game series, but it never really came together.

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Photo Credit: Netflix LATAM