Guy Wins Tug-Of-War With Great White Shark, Tells It To ‘F–k Off’

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Game, set, match.

Sharks are scary. At this point, getting me to go to the beach and jump into the water for a casual swim is harder to do than resolving the tension in the current political climate. It just ain’t happening, you guys. I mean, these things devour whales just miles away from my house.

But every so often, a reminder comes along that man can outdo the beast. The following video shows exactly how someone didn’t let the fear of Jaws keep them from punking a shark.

Guy Wins Tug-Of-War With Great White Shark

A fisherman in Australia found that a great white shark was biting and pulling on one of his fishing nets. He wasn’t about to let the bugger take it, either, so they got into a fierce game of tug-of-war.

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Man, it takes balls to push around a man-eater like that. The best part, though, is after the fisherman nearly pulls the shark into the boat and it lets go of the net, he tells the fish, “Fucking idiot, fuck off!” as if it’s just some asshole trying to take his stuff.

The fisherman’s son posted the video on Instagram and initially said “sharks are assholes and dad doesn’t like them very much.” He later edited it and said his dad loves sharks and the comment was meant for a laugh. Well, mission accomplished because it got us to bite. Shark pun!

h/t New York Post

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