Video Shows Hit-And-Run Driver Crash Into Teen On Bike

Photo: Facebook

This clown might as well call the police on himself like this drunk woman did because chances are they will catch him very soon.

The crazy surveillance footage below was caught in a Pasco County, Florida neighborhood, and shows the moment a gold Ford Expedition swerved through a yard, bounced off a parked car and rammed into 14-year-old Johnny Walsh. And luckily Johnny survived.

But of course, the idiot behind the wheel continued to drive. Check out the video below thanks to LiveLeak.

“It hit the bike and I pushed off,” Johnny recalls. “Then I hit the floor and I rolled. And then the tire was right in front of me. So I had to hurry up and get out of the way. I got a bruise right here. I got a scratch. I got knots on my hand and this [left] elbow. And then my hip, I got a big knot on it.”

Jackie Lilly, the neighbor who posted the footage on her Facebook, had this to say:

“There were kids everywhere. It was just mad chaos.”

As you can tell in the video, a white car drives after the SUV, and because of that driver the license plate number (GYCT99) and a description of the tool (‘white male with light brown or blonde hair, 20-30 years of age’) were able to be reeled in.

While police have identified the owner of the car, they are still working on identifying the person behind the wheel when the crash occurred.

h/t COED

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