Celebrities on Tinder: You Could Possibly Date Your Hall Pass

Photo: YouTube

Celebrities on Tinder, who would have thunk it? It has been alleged that the following celebrities have, for one reason or another, been caught dead on the popular mobile dating app. Whether for promotion, love or a moment of cyber weakness, these folks have taken to “the tind” for some (probably unwanted) attention.

Before Raya, the celebrity-verified dating app that lets all the popular kids get together to screw one another, some of these hot Tinder girls (and guys) actually thought they could get away with finding love (or lust) on the Tinder app without getting caught. Thanks to technology, we have found that in the world of sex and dating, even celebrities need a little loving.

If the reports we have read are true, these celebrities have been, at one point or another, on Tinder, but then again it’s not like you ever really had a chance. We’ll just add them to the list of people with hilarious Tinder profiles. And apparently Josh Groban is a Tinder denier, but after seeing him pop up as guest stars on questionable shows, our response to that is simply this: Come on Grobes, fess up already.

Celebrities on Tinder: You Could Possibly Date Your Hall Pass

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