25 Hot Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Wish You Never Got Married

While some hilarious Tinder profiles will make you question ever dating again, and some Tinder profiles are good for a laugh and a lay, there is an equally hot collection of Tinder girls that will make you wish you had never gotten married. Some of these girls are cute, but mostly they’re just brutally honest, hot and horny. Yep, “hot and horny,” just like those ads on the side of your porn videos tell you. Remember, marriage isn’t forever, pals, but divorce sure as hell is.

So go right ahead and click through all these hot Tinder gems and have yourself a good time.

25 Hot Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Wish You Never Got Married

If you are currently regretting getting married, don’t blame us. Blame Tinder. Or blame your partner for pressuring you when all you wanted to do was sleep late on Sundays, eat and drink, but now you’re stuck at Pier 1 Imports looking for the perfect lamp to go with that rug you haven’t purchased yet. At least now, you can spend hours of the day listing through the dating catalog from which you’ll never be able to shop from. So, basically, like regular shopping. Your wife won’t let you choose the lamp, and she surely won’t let you choose 23-year-old Tiffany who is just three miles away and loves pizza and quiet time. Ohh what could have been if only technology advanced before you tied the knot. Just keep on trucking and saying to yourself that most of these girls are bots and that being married is the way to go.

Good luck, my friends. All of you, married and single folks.

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