10 Wipeout GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going on a Tinder Date

Make no mistake, dating in the 21st century can be a chore. The addition of dating apps has only made things worse. While you technically have the ability to connect with your soul mate at your fingertips, you barely get a response from your matches. And when you do, they ask you to follow them on Instagram because they’re a fucking influencer. Even though swiping can be tedious, what else are you going to do? Meet people in real life? So you go through the arduous process of going on Tinder dates. Each seems to be worse than the last, but what doesn’t kill you can be perfectly expressed with wipeout GIFs and lots of them.

Photo: SteveMcsweeny (Getty Images)

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Which of these epic fails perfectly describes the outcome of your last Tinder date? Let us know in the comments!

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