cuffing season
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10 GIFs That Hilariously Sum Up Being Single During Cuffing Season

Winter is coming. Before that first cold snap hits, the pressure is on to find a mate to hunker down with. Cuffing season – when you choose one person with whom to share sex, food, and winter weight gain until the spring – is always a high-anxiety time. The hunt is underway to narrow down your dating options and figure out who you can stand (and vice-versa) for the next six months (or however long your state’s cold snap lasts).

But just like that childhood game musical chairs, which left us all feeling traumatized and exposed when we couldn’t get a seat, it’s very possible that you won’t have anyone to cozy up to when that first blizzard hits.

The reality of dating is brutal. And surrendering to singledom is even worse. We wish we could comfort you with a cup of hot cocoa, a flannel blanket, and a totally platonic hug. But since we can’t, we will give you GIFs, and hope that a little laughter will make up for that partner-shaped hole in your life.

Here are 10 GIFs that hilariously sum up being single during cuffing season.

Cover Photo: Olga Pankova (Getty Images)