Flood Surfing: Aussie Bros Surf & JetSki Flash Flood

Photo: News 7

While Cyclone Debbie wreaks havoc in Queensland Australia, the storm hasn’t stopped a bunch of bros from impromptu surfing on the flash flood waves.

While countless people evacuate the area, leave it to some Aussies to risk their lives for a cheap thrill. This video below literally looks like something Crocodile Dundee would do for some cheap thrills.

Torrential rains turned this river into a thrashing rapid, complete with it’s own steady break, perfect for riding a wave. Turns out, it gets even better when you throw in a JetSki.

Flood Surfing: Aussie Bros Surf & JetSki Flash Flood

Funny? Smart? Dumb? All of the above?

I can tell you this same storm washed up a shark into the flooded streets.


So while there’s extensive mud, debris, and um, sharks, washing through these ‘rapids,’ at least there’s the chance to bust out the surf board. But hey, I guess they made it on TV, right?! And that’s all that matters these days.

Oy vey.

And then there’s this chap: Drunk Australian Tells Reporter Cyclone Debbie Is Giving Out Blow Jobs

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor to Mandatory.