Just A Cabin Floating Down A River And Crashing Into A Bridge

Photo: YouTube

There’s nothing funny about the flooding that is currently ravaging parts of Missouri and Arkansas, as it has gotten so bad in parts of those states that the National Guard has been called in to hopefully prevent any more homes and roadways from getting damaged.

At least nine levee breaches have been reported in Arkansas, where the governor said at least 25 National Guard vehicles are now in place for high-water rescues. Hundreds of people have been forced from their homes, and there are even reports of an 18-month-old Arkansas girl swept away by floodwater who is presumed dead.

Of course, telling you how bad it is in Arkansas isn’t the same as showing you, so we have thrown in this video of what used to be a cabin floating down the Current River in Reyno before crashing into the Current River Bridge.

“We never expected to witness a house be destroyed,” Laura Redus, who uploaded the video to YouTube, said. “The force of it shook the bridge it was crazy and scary!”

Oh, a house crashed into a bridge and shook it? Imagine that.

Of course, people in Arkansas have never been know for being “bright,” so we’ll just go ahead and say it. The next time you see a house floating down the river toward the bridge you’re standing on, perhaps getting the fuck out of there should be near the top of the list of things you should do.

h/t BroBible

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