Woman Is So Pissed Walmart Didn’t Accept The Batteries She Was Returning She Hit A Family With Her Car

Photo: LiveLeak

Because if there’s one way to show your displeasure it’s to hit a family with your vehicle.

Walmart sure does enjoy opening their doors to garbage on legs. There was the old man who went on a racist rant at Walmart, and there was also the Walmart greeter who was tased by a customer simply for asking for a receipt. And now we have this doozy: a woman almost ran over a family because, and get this, Walmart didn’t accept the batteries she was trying to return.

The incident, which happened over the weekend in Union City, California, was caught on CCTV footage and shows a woman in a silver Honda Accord reverse into a family walking by, almost missing a woman and her child.

Check out the footage below thanks to LiveLeak.

Man, she really wanted to return those batteries. But here’s the even stranger thing, the driver of that car was also caught on tape and it looks like she’s a damn preteen.

walmart hit and run

She’s like 12, right?

According to Sgt. Steven Mendez, the woman “intentionally backed up twice to get out of that parking lot, so we’re calling it an assault with a deadly weapon.” “As she started pulling out, actually, the family members were saying that she was yelling and screaming something in her car, and was pounding her fists against the steering wheel,” Mendez adds.

Police are still looking for her, but if they want to find her they may want to start by going to the mall because she’s probably at Claire’s.

h/t ABC 7

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