Drunk Lady Sets House She Lost In Divorce On Fire, Ruins 19 Other Houses

Photo: Facebook/Paulding County Fire/Rescue

I’ve never been married, so I don’t know the pain of a divorce. That said, anger makes people do some crazy shit, and that’s probably an understatement in Adrienne Satterly’s case.

The 41-year-old from Georgia recently lost her house in a divorce. So what did Satterly decided to do in response? Oh you know, just set the whole damn house on fire. Satterly simply put a bunch of mattresses on the floor of her ex-husband’s home and set them ablaze.

Yikes. It’s get worse as 19 houses were destroyed and $1 million of damage was done because of Satterly’s bonehead move. And on top of that the fire killed a cat and two dogs.

Photo: Hiram Police Department

And if you thought this couldn’t get any more bizarre it actually does. Satterly, while the chaos was occurring, left with her two cats and walked to Walmart where she called 911. Listen to the odd call below.

Here’s whar a neighbor, Yolanda Woodland, had to say about this incident:

“The house next door, the whole thing was already engulfed in flames, our living room and kitchen was already on fire. Within two minutes, the house was engulfed in flames. I mean it went really quick.”

Thankfully, the Red Cross will be providing help for those affected. Something else we should be thankful for? Satterly being arrested and charged with arson, animal cruelty and public drunkenness.

And as I’ve said before: if you’re upset at your ex, just scream into a pillow and delete photos off your Instagram like sane people do.

h/t Mirror

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