Florida Man Fired From Job For Drinking, Stabs And Runs Over Boss

There are plenty of awkward things that bosses have caught their employees doing, but drinking on the job is pretty much grounds for termination. Well, that’s exactly what occurred when 52-year-old Irelio Reyes Osorio was fired from his job, and tried to get revenge by attempting to kill his boss.

Apparently Osorio was upset at his former supervisor for firing him after he was caught drinking, and Osorio was even more pissed off, as he demanded he be paid for the two days he worked before being tossed. So what did Osorio do? Well he just sent his ex-boss numerous threatening messages, including messages that stated he was going to kill his boss with a knife or a gun if he didn’t get paid.

According to police, the two men agreed to meet at a parking lot to hash things out. And this is the moment that Osorio lunged at his former boss with a knife and began to chase him through the parking lot, cutting him on the chest and left arm. But there’s more.

Check out the crazy video below.

Florida Man Fired From Job For Drinking, Stabs And Runs Over Boss

Holy hell, he actually tried to kill his boss. The even more absurd thing about all this is that the boss didn’t even call police, he simply drove himself to the hospital and didn’t report that someone had just tried to murder him. Osorio eventually admitted the incident after police were notified of this by the owner of the fence.

Osorio was of course arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder.

I don’t think he will be getting a job anytime soon.

Via Local 10

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