Hot Blonde Does Cartwheels During DUI Stop, Doesn’t Impress Cop

Photo: YouTube

Some people still don’t know how to handle their alcohol regardless of how old they are, so of course they end up doing ridiculous things. Sometimes they won’t stop asking their girlfriend if she’s upset, and other times they will just break out into a dance as if they are Michael Jackson in “Smooth Criminal.” And then sometimes, like in the case of 23-year-old woman Bryelle Marshall, you end up doing cartwheels in front of a cop during an DUI stop.

The incident kicked off last week when cops found Marshall passed out behind the wheel of her car in the driveway to a trailer park (fitting). Her car also happened to have an expired license plate. According to police, “Officers were able to wake her up when they started speaking to her. Marshall was asked to step out and appeared to be extremely intoxicated by stumbling and having a difficult time listening to officers commands.” Not shocking.

Well, here’s when an Albuquerque Police Officer asked Marshall to perform a field sobriety test. And let’s just say that she didn’t exactly follow orders. The first cartwheel starts off at the 2:00 mark. Enjoy.

What a show. There’s more. According to The Albuquerque Journal, Marshall tried to kick an officer in the genitals after being taken to the Prison Transport Center. Marshall was of course charged with battery and aggravated DWI, as well as driving with an expired license plate.

And yet, something tells me the cop wouldn’t have had as much patience if she didn’t look like this:

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I would have been very, very patient.

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