Georgia Mom Pranks 9-Year-Old Daughter Into Going To School 14 Hours Early

These harmless pranks are usually the best ones.

The majority of pranks on the internet, especially from YouTubers desperately trying to reel in subscribers, usually involves a bunch of idiots putting people in danger or just being complete a-holes for a few laughs. But pranks where no one gets hurt and are pretty simple make for the best moments. That’s why when Chris Evans pranked a bunch of fans, and Samara from Rings scared a bunch of people looking to buy a TV are the best type of pranks. And so is the one below.

It all kicked off when mom Lindsey Chastain realized that her nine-year-old daughter Lexi Cramer had woken up from her nap one day thinking she’d slept through the night. So of course, Lindsey had to run with it.

“She thought it was morning time because normally it’s dark out when she wakes up,” Lindsey told Inside Edition. “She started putting on her outfit for the next day. I just played along with it from there.”

Check out the perfect prank video below thanks to Lindsey’s Facebook.

This clip has obviously blown up on Facebook with over 11 million views to date.

And kudos to Lexi for being a good sport and not proclaiming how much she hates her mom now. You know, like I would have reacted.

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