Girl Sends Letter To Tom Hanks Asking For A Headshot And Gets This Picture Instead

Photo: Anthony Harvey (Getty)

When you take a look at yourself in the mirror today, there is one thing that will be for certain, and that of course is the fact that you are not as cool as Tom Hanks.

Yup, even you.

According to BroBible, a young lady named Zena recently sent some fan (snail) mail to Tom Hanks in which she asked the great American actor (who has been in plenty of important comedies from the ’80s) for a headshot. What she got instead is nothing short of shit your pants awesome:


Hanks might be terrible when it comes to using a typewriter, but even just the fact that he’s still using such a device in the computer age is further proof that there is nothing I could ever do to be cooler than him.

Look, the bottom line is that Tom Hanks is one busy dude these days, and the fact that the greatest actor of the last 30 years took time out of his busy schedule to please a young fan who’s doing her part to keep the the dream of an American postal system alive is one of the coolest things we’ve seen this year.

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