Shoutout To This Shirtless Russian Dude Who Saved A Dog Who Fell Into A Frozen Pond

There is a lot of garbage happening out there these days, so once in a while we like to share a nice story with a happy ending, and this one believe it or not comes all the way from Russia.

While this lady was rescued by Pizza Hut, and this kid was saved from bullies when another kid stepped in, the dog below was saved when a brave dude not only risk his own life, but he did it without a shirt or shoes, as the helpless dog is holding on for dear life after the pond beneath him breaks.

Take a look at the video below:

Now according to some folks on YouTube, it seems the man in the background is yelling “Lie down on the ice!” and “Grab his neck!”

Kudos to the guy for still going through with his recuse even after the clearly frightened dog takes various bites of his hand. But what does this awesome dude do after saving the dog’s life? He just cleans his fresh bites with some snow.

Always nice to see that there are actually some nice folks out in Russia. So that’s good.

h/t The LAD Bible

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