Worst Cop Ever Let’s Criminal Wriggle Free, Steal Cop Car

Photo: kali9 (Getty)

I know that cops have to deal with a lot of garbage, and for every one total asshole of a cop, there are a bunch more that are actually good at their job and actually aim to protect folks. I mean, not many people have a job where they have to deal with a drunk LSU student puking and trying to fight them. And not many jobs involve a man ramming his car into a helicopter. They deserve kudos. But unfortunately the cop below doesn’t deserve any kudos at all, but maybe to be trained again.

I don’t know what led to this guy and this cop wrestling on the ground — all I know is that this was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, which leads me to believe that this is just an Indians fan that is totally pissed. Then again, it’s the cop who should be pissed. At himself. And that’s mainly because he failed to hold down a criminal, and then got his car stolen on top of all that.

Talk about adding insult to injury. Take a look at the video below. Not my fault it wasn’t filmed horizontally. Also, it’s a tad NSFW because of language.

Worst Cop Ever Let’s Criminal Wriggle Free, Steal Cop Car

How in the hell do you return to the station after that? This cop’s fellow cops are going to be waiting for him to point and laugh at him for weeks.

Maybe it’s best to stick to desk duty for this cop.

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