Check Out This Train Wreck Of A Woman Stealing A Whole Bowl Of Halloween Candy

Screenshot: eBaums World

I understand that adults like to dress up for Halloween and get drunk (or carve NSFW pumpkins), I get it. But when it comes down to it Halloween is for children, and children enjoy dressing up and pretending and getting candy. Hear that? Getting candy from neighbors is for children, not for greedy, awful adults who want to ruin the holiday.

So can someone please tell me why this woman decided doing this would be a good idea? Take a look at video of a woman getting caught stealing an entire bowl of Halloween candy thanks to eBaum’s World.

Woman Steals Bowl Of Halloween Candy

For the love of God, woman, you couldn’t steal a handful? You had to steal the whole bowl? What are you? The Grinch of Halloween? Are you trying to ruin this children’s holiday?

Going to assume this woman is going to be saying this come Christmas time:


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