Arizona Man Stops At In-N-Out To Order Food While Being Chased By Police

Hey, it’s hard to do anything correctly on an empty stomach, and that apparently includes running from the cops.

Now this wouldn’t be the first time, as way back when there was a dude who decided to pull over at a McDonald’s drive-thru to order food, but this case here is a tad different. Well, the fast food restaurant is.

According to Fox 5, a man who led Phoenix police on what at times was a high-speed chase last night decided to take the pursuit to the next level when he…wait for it…stopped at an In-N-Out drive thru and ordered some grub.

It’s unknown what the man ordered, but it really didn’t matter because he then crapped all over his power move by driving off without actually receiving his food.

Police said he drove a short distance and then bailed on the truck. The man then tried to enter a random house though the back door after running through the backyard, but he was unsuccessful at his attempt to get inside. He surrendered a short while later and was back on the road, but this time it was in the back of a squad car.

So if you’re keeping score at home, stopping off at an In-N-Out for a tasty Double-Double during a police chase is worth at least 25 points, but driving away without actually getting the food into your vehicle is a 25-point violation. That means this time around, the man will be awarded zero points, and may God have mercy on his soul.

I also wonder what these dudes would have thought of this chase.

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