You’re Going To Love This Bulldog Video Right Out Of The Baby Gate

Dogs are smart. We tend to forget that when they are pooping in the house, tearing up our furniture, or eating an entire box of crayons, but then one like Theo the bulldog comes along and changes our perception. Or maybe he’s just so abnormally huge — and therefore beloved by all — that it doesn’t really matter if what he’s doing is intelligent of just kind of lucky. We’re still actually not 100 percent sure. You could even say…we’re on the sense.

Terrible puns aside, baby gates are a surefire way to keep dogs in line. This is especially true if they enjoy lugging giant items around in their mouths. But as the saying goes, “big dogs gotta eat,” and Theo will have his bowl filled even if he has to rethink his entire approach around such a foolproof barrier. Let’s see what that looks like, shall we?

Bulldog Attempts To Get Bowl Through Baby Gate:

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. #nevergiveup #soccerskills #motivation #bowlgoals #SayNoToGates #bowldog

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Never give up on your dreams, people. I think that’s the takeaway here. The food dish is always fuller on the other side, so why not make sure? That’s the Theo the bulldog way!

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