Dude Drinks Beer At Celtics Game, Regurgitates It Onto His Shirt For All To See

Odds are you missed the preseason game between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics because you were busy doing pretty much anything else, but apparently the crew at ESPN thought that there was enough of a demand for preseason basketball that they actually aired it live. Just like someone actually showed this Brewers fan licking up a woman’s puke.

Seriously, with announcers and everything.

At one point during the game, the cameras zoomed in on Dave Pasch and Hubie Brown for some in-depth preseason analysis, but the real treat was the bro sitting behind them who took it as a chance to show everybody at home that not only does he have enough scratch in his pockets to pay for courtside seats to a preseason game at the TD Garden, but he also has no problem making a complete ass out of himself:

You know, outside of the fact that he wasted about two bucks worth of beer and drenched his shirt for the rest of the night, that was actually pretty funny and totally worth it. And maybe these hoarders would agree. Maybe.

h/t Barstool Sports

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