Here Are Two Bats Having Sex At The Ravens-Lions Game

Odds are that when the Ravens and Lions met in Baltimore for a preseason football game Saturday night, you missed it because you were busy doing anything else.

After all, last year’s Ravens team was one of the worst in all of football, losing 11 of 16 games and damn near finding their way into the AFC North cellar in the process. The Lions weren’t much better, finishing at 7-9, which I guess technically qualifies as a successful season in the Motor City these days.

The point is, since the starting players on each team’s roster are so pathetic, odds are the third-string and practice squad players chewing up the clock in the second half of Baltimore’s 30-9 victory were pretty much unwatchable.

So then why in the hell are we even talking about a preseason game between two of the league’s worst teams? You guessed it: Two bats were caught having sex on the field during the game.

And there you have it. The Detroit Lions were not only outscored by the Ravens Saturday night but also by two horny bats.

Those bats probably scored more than these bald quarterbacks, too: All 32 of Today’s NFL Starting Quarterbacks If They Were Bald