Here’s Tom Cruise Acting Out The Majority Of His Film Career With James Corden

The world of late-night talk shows is absolutely loaded with talent.

If you like amazing impressionists who giggle at their own schtick like a schoolboy repeatedly filling the classroom with silent but deadly farts, then Jimmy Fallon is your man. If you enjoy top notch political humor and have an IQ a tad higher than the average high school graduate, then Stephen Colbert is your guy. If you enjoy solid interviews and hysterical “man on the street” segments, Jimmy Kimmel should be able to make you chuckle at a high volume. And of course there’s Conan, whose only downfall is the fact that he appears on basic cable.

But if you want to see the most talented man in the game, you’ll either have to set your DVRs or have a 5-hour energy after dinner so you can watch The Late Late Show with James Corden. Whether he’s carpooling through Los Angeles singing Oops!…I Did It Again with Britney Spears or lifting and grunting with Terry Crews, Corden is simply brilliant from monologue to finish, and that brilliance was once again on full display last night when Tom Cruise dropped by to act out the majority of his career with Corden in just eight minutes.


And Arnold Schwarzenegger also did it.

h/t Barstool Sports

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