Alabama Man Steals Beer From Supermarket After Posing As Delivery Guy

It looks as though we have found our winner for the “You know, that’s actually a rather genius idea” award. We’re just not sure he’ll be able to make the award ceremony.

According to, a beer delivery man has been working hard recently to make sure product is leaving the shelves of stores in the Prattville area. The problem for those stores, though, is that the man is 22-year-old beer enthusiast Darrius Williams and not a real beer delivery driver.


Perhaps even better than the idea itself is how surveillance footage shows Williams turning around almost as if he can’t believe that his idea just worked, and he’s now walking out to his car with 20 free cases of beer.

By the looks of things, Williams prefers Budweiser and Bud Light, which we totally understand. For starters, buying or gaining access to a collared Bud Light shirt these days is pretty damn easy. And second, those beers are pretty damn delicious.

And your grand prize winner at the “Irony Awards” is: Georgia Man With Last Name ‘Miller’ Steals Beer Truck, Gets Run Over By Beer Truck