Florida Man Taking Selfie While Driving Crashes Jeep

Screenshot: YouTube

It’s been one hell of week for Florida Man. Although if I had to choose, I’d rather be this Florida Man instead of the one who was arrested for masturbating in a Burger King a few days ago.

According to Ron Car Guy‘s YouTube page, Alex Lopatnyuk recently readied himself for a day of hunting some gators, mmm hmm. And since it’s 2015 and you can’t do anything without recording it, he decided to buy a GoPro camera and selfie stick to “document his adventure.”

First up on his list of selfies? You guessed it: A video of him driving his mud-caked Jeep while he closely followed a canoe-toting truck. Because why not?

Well, this is why:

No word if Lopatnyuk still made it out to hunt them gators later that day, but we have a hard time believing the expedition would have trusted him with a gun after witnessing that debacle.

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