Model Has DD Breast Implants in Her Butt That Twerk on Their Own

The craziest part of this story? You guessed it: Somebody along the way convinced this woman that breast implants in her butt was a good idea.

According to the Daily Mail, a model with DD breast implants in her “misshapen” heinie is thrilled that two plastic surgeons from the E! reality series “Botched” are literally going to fix her ass.

Model Has DD Breast Implants in Her Butt That Twerk on Their Own

Jana Stoner said the trouble began when a botched surgery in Mexico left her with a rump whose implants “twerk independently of themselves.”

Dr. Terry DuBrow didn’t sugarcoat things and said that Stoner’s implants “have their own zip code.”

Just so Stoner will be able to go back to Garden Grove, California and twerk like a normal 33-year-old, Dr. DuBrow and Dr. Paul Nassif will be giving her a buttock lift that will also remove most of a lower-back tattoo in the process, something that Stoner is also very thrilled about.

“I don’t like this tattoo anyway, so you can just go right ahead and take that puppy right off,” she said.

Overall, Stoner seemed beyond excited that the two doctors were willing to “operate on her ass,” probably almost as excited as we would be if this was part of our job:


Photo: E!

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