Arkansas Man Arrested After Posting Pictures Of Guns, Money And Drugs On Social Media


You usually only see this kind of thing from guys in Florida.

According to Fox 13, a 22-year-old man in Tyronza, Arkansas was recently arrested by deputies with the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office and charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia (methamphetamines), possession of drug paraphernalia (marijuana), simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and other charges that are pending.

How did the deputies know that Andy Tacker was packing so much heat and stashing enough drugs to make Charlie Sheen seem like a Boy Scout? You guessed it – Tacker made numerous posts on social media in which he attached pictures of his “impressive” collection.

Photo: Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office

We’re not sure if those pictures on social media wrecked any of the panties belonging to his social media followers, but they sure as shit ruined his chances of ever running for political office. When deputies arrived at his residence, they found a Century Arms RAS74, 7.62 carbine rifle with a 50-round drum magazine and a 30-round magazine, a Masterpiece Arms MPA30T pistol with weapon mounted light and two 30-round magazines.

Photo: Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office

Lost in that array of firearms that could’ve armed a small country preparing for battle were the drugs, drug paraphernalia used for meth, marijuana and…wait for it…510 bucks.

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