Big Win For German Men, As Court Rules They Can Still Pee Standing Up

Man stood over toilet. Photo: Peter Cade (Getty)

If you thought an adult calling the police on a young girl trying to sell water on the street was ridiculous, being taken to court for standing while urinating in a toilet will really get you fired up.

According to BBC News, a German man recently won a major court ruling for guys everywhere who don’t want to be known as “sitzpinklers.” A Düsseldorf judge ruled he has every right to continue to stand when he has to take a piss.

Just how does something like this find its way into a courtroom outside of Florida? The man’s landlord claimed his urine had damaged the floor in the bathroom of the unit he was renting. So naturally, he was seeking roughly $2,200 to pay for repairs. The judge agreed with an expert’s opinion that uric acid did in fact damage part of the floor. However, he ruled in favor of the defendant. After all, standing while taking a leak is “still within cultural norms.”

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“Despite growing domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still common practice,” the judge said. He added that while men “must expect occasional rows with housemates, especially women,” there is nothing wrong with standing while draining the lizard.

While it might just be one small win for that man, it’s still one giant victory for mankind.