Exchange Students In Italy Set Fire To Everything By Cooking Pasta Without Water

Photo: RGtimeline (Getty Images)

What does every person want to do when they arrive in Italy? They want to learn how to properly cook pasta. So with that said, here is lesson number one when cooking pasta: Use water. And that’s apparently something a group of American exchange students weren’t aware of.

According to UPI, three 20-year-old American gals recently purchased a package of pasta while studying in Italy. They then decided to toss the pasta directly in the pot, turned on the stove and went on with their day that probably consisted of taking selfies and adding the hashtag: #FunInItaly and #MammaMia.

Well, they forgot a key ingredient: water. And they set a fire within minutes.

“We put the pasta on the fire without the water, we thought it was cooked like that,” the students said.

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But not to worry, firefighters were able to put out the fire, and thankfully no on was hurt except for that poor pasta. The students said they were not aware water was needed to cook pasta.

Florentine chef Fabio Picchi has actually offered the women four hours of Italian cooking lessons in one of his restaurants. Here’s what he said:

“They will have lunch in our restaurant with two of my extraordinary cooks. They will teach them the simple basics that are very good if done well. I think this can be useful to them, but also to us. Understanding is what is beautiful and necessary.”

No word yet the damage the women caused when they tried to make pizza.