Summer Style | The Perfect Pieces for a Picnic

Whether you’re preparing a gourmet meal, or just a simple ready-to-go basket from the grocery store, enjoy the outdoors by eating outdoors! Skip the expensive restaurant and forego carry-out, we recommend that every once in a while you go old school with a good ol’ fashioned picnic. 

Seattle has the perfect summer weather for picnics in the park – long days, no rain, low humidity and cool nights. With seaside locales galore and 26 city parks in the region (really, look at a map), it’s an ideal place, whether you’re a local or a tourist, to get properly dressed, prepare some food and go enjoy a bright sunshiny day. 

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Planning what you will eat is easy and fun – everyone is capable of fixing up some sandwiches, fruit salad and maybe a light tequila cocktail. And when it comes to wardrobe, look to style staples inspired by outdoor dining. Think gingham shirts, preppy polos, and striped shorts. Keep your wardrobe crisp and casual, making sure to bring a proper sweatshirt for unexpected cool downs and, of course, a plush blanket to pad you picnic area.