Perfect Pairings | Straight Up Stripes & Reflective Sunnies

Nautical inspired clothes are perfect for summer. And to get there, all you need is something with stripes. (Points for any kind of anchor or naval iconography, but really it’s all unnecessary. The stripes bring the relaxed, seaside vibe all on their own.) But what to wear with these light, perfect for warm weather, wardrobe essentials? Pair your striped shirt or shorts with a solid on the other side. A White tee goes with, and goes under, everything. 

What is more important is what’s on you face. Start with a lightweight SPF. We really like Kielh’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+, $38, or  Daily Facial Moisturizer by Say Yes to Carrots, about $14.99. On top of that sunscreen, you need some shades. The best ones have some hyper-reflectivity. Why? Well, you can take them off, and do a poppy seed check in the teeth (#multipurpose), and they’ll also keep the sun out of your eyes, up your style game and, maybe most importantly, cover up your hangover.

Ray of Light

Photo: Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear; Shirt by ourCaste.

Retro-inspired frames by Crap Eyewear pair perfectly with a nautical-vibed short sleeved button down. Try the Nudie Club, in matte brown tortoise with gold mirror lenses, $62, and the Joe shirt, in red stripe, $65, by ourCaste.

Nautical News

Photo: Sunglasses by Wonderland; Shirt by Mollusk.

Oversized, retro and cool, the Montclair frames, shown in dark tortoise & blue, $185, by Wonderland will truly make a statement no matter what you wear them with. One option is the Striped Pocket Tee, $50, by Mollusk. Made of 100% cotton, and manufactured in the USA, it’s preshrunk for the ultimate optimal fit. 

Reflective Royalty

Photo: Sunglasses by Spitfire; Shirt by Outerknown.

Acetate frames take on new life when designed by affordable sunglass company Spitfire. The Postpunk, $39, feature a super flat front, with 100% UVA/UVB safe  glass, and tortoise shell framework. Pair these versatile shades with unexpected shorts – try the Lowtide Short, by Outerknown, $135, which are made of nothing other than terrycloth! That’s right, these shorts are going to feel as good as that cotton towel you wear around the house after a nice shower. 

Throwback Thrillers

Photo: Sunglasses by Knockaround; Shirt by Brixton.

The Mai Tai silhouette by Knockaround Sunglasses is one that looks good on everyone. Try the frame as shown in glossy tortoise shell, with amber hues, $20.  On the shirt side, you can’t go wrong with a vintage-inspired 100% cotton tee that may just remind you of one you had as a kid. Brixton masters retro with the Hogshead Crew, $39.



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