Best Foot Forward | Globe International

Globe International has some skin in the game. The brand was founded in 1985 by three brothers in Australia and over the past 30 years the company has gone from a small start-up making sneakers to an incredibly expansive line available globally. Some of the best skaters in the industry call Globe their label of choice, including Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo and Rodney Mullen, among others. It’s this team that puts these shoes and boots through the ringer to ensure they have the kind of function and durability that won’t let you down.

What may come as an unexpected surprise is that the newest products from Globe are not reserved for skateboarders, and definitely don’t look like the skate shoes you had when you were a kid. Check the Nepal Lyte, with an incredible low-profile silhouette, that looks like the merger of your favorite camping boots, and hyper light trainers. Or, for something a bit more traditional, check out the Mahalo Lows, with vulcanized soles and a loose-lace look that can be worn with (nearly) everything.

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After you pick up some new footwear, be sure to check out the rest of the dynamic line. Globe makes it more than enjoyable by featuring all the new goods in the short film “+/+”, which you can watch right here.

All images courtesy of Globe.