Spotlight | Winter Session: Thoughtful & Well-Made Bags

Winter Session is a a workshop. Winter Session is an outpost (store). Winter Session is making your new favorite, you’ll-never-be-without-it, it-will-last-a-lifetime bag. 

There are a few key, amazing things about this bag company. Everything is handcrafted in Colorado, USA. That’s right, American-made. And, as declared in their mission statement, they work to, “..produce thoughtful, well-made things in a responsible manner.” What that means is that you’re buying quality products, that are made of materials that are sourced responsibly. 

The only thing that may momentarily hold you up is the price. But remember this, you’re not buying a winter backpack, and you’re not buying a tote that will last through the holidays – you’re buying a product  with traditional yet modern styling, that will only get better with age. Meaning: keep it forever. 

All photos courtesy of Winter Session.