Carry On | Aer Bags For City Living

The suitcase is not the most important bag you travel with. Sometimes you cram all your stuff into a small rolling carry-on. Other times, you go for the big boy, and are a little more, dare we say, excessive in what you bring. In either scenario, it’s the bag you hold close to your body that really counts. That’s where you’re going to keep your passport (to check in), your ID (to make it through security), your credit card (to buy a bloody mary) and your headphones (to drown out the sound of that kid crying/screaming/talking.)

AER makes durable, high-quality bags and accessories meant to get you around the world, country, state and most importantly, city. Products are designed with smart functionality and a clean, architectural aesthetic. What does that look like? Take the Duffle Pack, for example. Arguably, very un-duffle-y. With a very convenient full zip from the top of this backpack to the bottom, this tote turns suitcase-like in a second.

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The whole line up is deliberately meant to give you understated but intelligently designed options to improve your adventures, in addition to your day to day commute to work and the gym.

All images courtesy of AER. 



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