Carry On | Owen & Fred Craft American-Made Totes, Briefs and Bags

It all started in 2012 when Owen & Fred founder Michael Arnot was ultimately unsuccessful in finding a new wallet. Not only was he underwhelmed with the styles available and the poor materials used, but also quickly came to realize just how few of the options were made in America. He decided to take matters into his own hands and find craftsmen and women to create a stand-out wallet, made with premium fabrics, and designed and manufactured stateside.

The core focus for Owen & Fred back then and today is the everyday essential. That means the brand is invested in doing a very select line of goods that you use day in and day out, and includes a hearty tote (for weekend getaways or the gym), a dopp kit to make sure you can get ready anywhere, simple totes perfect for eco-friendly grocery store runs, and the most stellar, modern briefcase you’ve seen in the recent past.

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All of the bags are made with a variety of impressive materials and treatments, including cotton canvas, cordura nylon, ballistic nylon, and leather from leading tanneries in the U.S., like Horween and Wickett & Craig. They even use eco-friendly dyes. If you’re looking for something unique and useful to put into that fancy new bag, check out the grooming, home and bar goods also available from Owen & Fred.

All images courtesy of Owen & Fred.