Summer Travel Essentials | Luggage Options For The Long Haul

Regardless of what’s getting you out into the world this summer, you’ll need some summer travel essentials to make your voyage easier, smoother and more tech savvy. The better you prep, the farther you’ll go, so invest in sturdy carry-alls that are easy to load up and will help you take a load off.


Bluesmart One Carry On

Luggage is now on its way to being as high tech as your smartphone or your car’s cockpit — and that allows travelers to get by problems that existed when bags were just containers. This Bluesmart One Carry On will travel with GPS tracking that allows the owner to track your suitcase anywhere the world. There’s also a built-in battery with 2 USB charging ports with enough stored juice to energize your smartphone six times.


Samsonite Blue Slate Stryde

Back in the day, Samsonite’s TV ads featured a caged gorilla (…OK. A guy in a gorilla suit…) beating the hell out of previous generations of Samsonite luggage to show how indestructible they were. This modern Blue Slate Stryde would fit into that ad very well. Made from polycarbonate and individual hardened steel cartridge bearings in its wheels  system help increase mobility, Samsonite intends this Stryde to last for years after purchase.


Booq Nerve

Putting full-on design and engineering to bear in a laptop bag, the Booq Nerve features adjustable magnetic straps that can sling the bag over the shoulder or across the back quickly. There’s also a pass-through slip on the back of the back to hook the Nerve over baggage handles or other travel supports. Inside, there’s a fully padded laptop compartment that will fit anything up to 15 inch device.


Bugaboo Interconnecting Luggage

More of a baggage system than individual bags, the Bugaboo lineup is an interconnecting collection of luggage shapes and sizes that work with each other for maximum efficiency. Bugaboo begins with a base chassis transporter that other bags can easily attach to or detach from the chassis for any travel situation.

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With the full size luggage options already listed, we move on to some smaller travel, carry-on or laptop bags for the most convenient airline and train travel.


STM Judge Laptop Brief

Here come the Judge, the most compact of the options listed here. But, it’s also the most densely padded for protection’s sake. The Judge includes multiple pockets for everything from a computer to sunglasses. The laptop compartment uses suspension technology to offer addition safety in case of an impact.


Solo Montauk Duffel

Light and stuffed with more pockets than you can shake a laptop at, this stylish Montauk adds the versatility of multiple bags in one. Inside it’s multi-chambered design there’s a separate and removable 15+ inch laptop sleeve the owner can detach and carry separately when he or she is traveling light and doesn’t need the full luggage piece.


ECBC Hercules

Weighing less than 3 pounds and big enough to take on a 17 inch laptop, the ECBC Hercules is made from Kodra nylon. It wears well over time and uses self-repairing zippers, protective foam and a moisture wicking mesh back panel for cooling and drying in bad weather.Summer Travel Essentials | Luggage Options That You’ll Love


Sound of Sleep LectroFan

OK. This isn’t luggage, but it does prove valuable for light sleepers out in the world. No bigger than a beer can, this LectroFan is a compact white noise machine that recreates five fan sounds as well as white noise. Tough enough to survive in your luggage, the LectroFan recharges via Bluetooth for use in any hotel room.