Ten Best Gadgets for Summer Travel

Unless you’re the “roughing it/tie your stuff in a knapsack on a stick” kind of guy, you travel during the summer with some amount of technology. Whether it’s just a smartphone of some mix of other devices to keep you in communication and heading in the right direction, summer vacations are as full of gadgets as every other aspect of your life.

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So, successful traveling is as much about picking the right gadgets as it is about planning the right route or booking the proper hotel. With that in mind, we’re offering up some of the best tech ideas to enhance your summer travel. We’ve looked to include a solid range of gadgets varying in function and price.

Keep in mind that all of these summer travel devices can also double as great gift ideas for tourism-minded friends and family. And, as you can see above, all of these devices attract women in bikinis — with breasts and everything. Enjoy responsibly.