Travel Giveaway: 18 Rabbits, UrgentRX & barkTHINS

In a day and age when travel routes are dotted with fast food joints, it’s a reach to say we all need to pack provisions for our end of summer trips. Still, it remains a good idea to pack a supply of healthy snacks to save you having to stop — and to save you eating garbage you really don’t want to put down your pie hole.

To that end, we’re offering up a generous giveaway from the minds behind 18 Rabbits, UrgentRx and Bark THINS – a trio of healthy products that you can easily carry with on pre-and-post-Labor Day trips.

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The 18 Rabbits are healthy granola bars handmade in San Francisco by some of our nation’s most dedicated hippies. They’re dairy free and all-natural — and they taste good on the run. The company also offers its loose granola for trail mix and cereal.

Bark THINS are not made of trees, and — unlike a lot of health food — they don’t taste like wood, either. They’re thin-sliced snacking chocolates that keep the calories low for our sweet tooth.

Finally, UrgentRX come in handy if you already hit some of those fast food spots out on the road. They’re packets of medication for everything from headaches to allergies. There’s no need for water or mixing. You simply tear open the package and swallow the powdered contents. 

The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive a gift pack including a selection from all of the above. Those interested in stocking up on these travel treats before heading out on your end of summer journeys, you’ll find the entry instructions below.

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