Spotlight | Herschel Fall/Winter 2016

Be well traveled. Make it to your final destination with everything you know you will need, plus equipped for the unexpected. How do you do that while still looking put together? Grab a backpack, tote or duffle that looks good, is made to last and keeps you organized.

The Herschel Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook is filled with staple styles we’ve come to expect from the brand, but always with a few added colorways that make us glance at the Little America Backpack sitting in the corner of our apartments and think, “I really need that in Lunar Rock Rubber, don’t I?” Yes, you do. 

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Along with a new hue to simply add to your collection of the standard silhouettes we love, Herschel also has developed some new styles, and ones that have a definitive inspirational glow about them. We’re talking about the duffle, backpack and travel kit that look like they could’ve come straight from your grandfather’s closet of army gear. (Without the musty smell, and with small but tasteful branding.) A favorite in the mix is the mid-volume Sutton Duffle, for $84.99. 

And as we’ve all come to know by this stage in the game, Herschel doesn’t just do bags. The Abbott beanie, available in a slew of colors from windsor wine to tobacco (a deep khaki), might provoke you to buy a few instead of just one, and our favorite white Albert Cap gets re-envisioned in corduroy, making it 100% winter ready.

All images courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.